Welcome to Metro Service Centre

Precision Restorations in the Heart of the DMV: Where Your Vehicle's Beauty Meets Expert Craftsmanship!

Contact Metro Service Centre BEFORE you contact your insurance provider

After an accident, you have the legal freedom to choose where your car gets repaired, regardless of your insurer’s suggestions. In the unfortunate event of a road traffic incident, a single call to Metro Service Centre ensures comprehensive assistance. Our Repair Facility addresses minor damages using advanced techniques, offering an alternative to insurance claims. Save on excess costs, and let us handle the entire process.

We pay deductible up to $500 USD

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We ensure high quality repairs and body work services covering all areas of vehicle repair and maintenance like:

Paint Work

Our committed team of paint specialists ensures a showroom-quality finish, whether it's a complete vehicle respray or paint correction and restoration, regardless of the project's scale."

Body Work

With expertise spanning every facet of automotive bodywork, our team of specializes in dent removal, panel repair and restoration, welding, or addressing accident damage.

Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Experience precise handling and extended tire life with our professional wheel alignment services. Our car repair shop offers expert alignment solutions to ensure optimal vehicle performance, enhance safety, and prevent uneven tire wear

Other Services

We handle insurancerelated projects, specialize in restoring cars, are experts in commercial vehicle services, and provide bespoke welding services for alloy wheel refurbishment."